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Is Astrology real? Can it predict my future?

What is all this fuss about Astrology? Is it a pile of bullshit or if there something there worth investigating? Driven by the curiosity and armed with an inquisitive mind, I'll try to explore and answer the two questions header of this article: is Astrology real? Can it predict my future?

Is Astrology real? = Fundamentally no, but your great-grand father (100 years ago or so) wouldn't have believed in the concepts of plates tectonics either when they were first postulated by German expeditioner Alfred Wegener, right after World War I... when Germany was so popular in Europe... His theory was laugh about by the scientific community, and there was even a time when Continental Drifting was considered pseudo-science. The real question to ask would be: is Astrology real for you?

Can Astrology predict my future? = It certainly can't. Astrology can only at its best gives you traits of your character and the "vibrations" (more about that later) that you emit. If you are a positive person, your character and your "vibrations", together with the things that you do and your pre-disposition to society and life in general, will pave a road for you that is more dynamic than someone who, for example, is a pessimist. You can 'predict' that, for a positive person, their path in life will be more energetic base on their attitude

Let's have a deep an honest dive into these two significant interrogations: is Astrology real? Can it predict my future? I am here to find out the true, whatever it may be. Whether you are an idealist believer in Astrology that loves all sort of mysteries, or a pragmatic individual that only digest concepts when served with numbers and facts... I may have surprises for you both

 Is Astrology real? Can it predict my future?


Is Astrology real?

The first thing that you need to completely disregard and put in the bin are the Horoscopes, those silly paragraphs that you read out of boredom in some magazines and newspapers, and that aim to tell you how your day or week is going to be according to your star sign. They use the Barnum Effect (also called Forer effect), a physiological phenomenon that describes a strong inclination of people to give weight and believe descriptions about themselves, such as character assessments, when those descriptions are written in deliberately vague details, which can be applied to a large number of people. When we read the horoscopes, and because of the Barnum Effect, we tend to interpret this reading as being specific to ourselves as individuals, but in reality Astrology doesn't work like that. Astrology is very specific. Let's start with your start sign. Your star sign is the constellation that was in the background of the Sun when you were born, and that in Astrology means the main "internal theatre" personality that you are born with. For example, people born when the Sun was passing through the constellation of Aries tend to have a character more intrepid, outgoing and energetic than those born under the sign of Cancer, who tend to be more sensitive, caring and introverted. The big problem with Horoscopes is that they only consider the position of the Sun, totally neglecting the positions of the other planets and the Moon, together with the aspects in between then, and therefore giving away utterly false and misleading information. It is like evaluating a football match of 90 minutes with 22 players by observing only one player for five minutes. Horoscopes are total rubbish, and if you really want to understand what "the stars have to tell you", you need to approach this adventure by creating your Astral Chart (or by 'raising' your Astral Chart Birth, as an Astrologer would say). For this you need to know not only your day, month and year of birth, but also the place of birth (latitude and longitude) together with the time. The time of birth is critically important, because a variation of just 4 minutes implies a degree of distance in the Astral Chart, which in some cases could have an impact at the time of interpretation. Some Astrologers believe that the "moment of birth" should be consider the moment when the umbilical cord is cut and the baby is detached from the mother, becoming a separate entity in this Universe, but just to make it crystal clear, the time of birth is the moment at which the first inhale of air enters the baby's body, as it is then when the 'karmic soul' enters the body and the baby becomes an independent sentient being born into this Universe, with all its functions now separated from the mother and no longer needed the umbilical cord to be fed. Of course, the infant has been alive and is to be considered a human being with all its rights for the last 9 months prior to that, before that first inhale of oxygen and nitrogen, but it is only when is born that his/her karmic cycle starts again. How is that possible? That some sort of 'karmic soul' enters the body on that first breath, and that it carries within the "influences" of the planets and stars? That is obviously total bullshit, right? And what is this 'karmic soul' nonsense anyway?

There is absolutely zero evidence from the Scientific realm and its hard-headed yet functional methodology that gives any support to the notion of Astrology, or to the idea that celestial bodies have an influence in our petty lives, so why for so many centuries and millennia people (even smart people) have been deceived and wasted their time, energy an hopes in these things? Studying the stars? Filling their heads with their rules and predictions in a futile attempt to discover what lies in the day after next for us? That all sounds pretty absurd, right?

Is Astrology only in the mind?


Horoscopes are indeed the pinnacle of absurdity. To believe that the same paragraph that you read on those newspapers and magazines for, let's say, the people born under the Sun in Virgo, applies to all the millions and millions of people that were born under that sign in our planet, is the same thing as to believe that this of that other paragraph applies only to blonde people, or brunette people, or bald, or people with green eyes: absolutely ridiculous

Therefore, and if you honestly have a "scientific-mind" and want to approach the questions of "Is Astrology real? Can it predict my future?" in a systematic and objective way, using the scientific method to reach conclusions based in facts and evidences, do not use the Horoscopes as part of your evaluation process: every professional Astrologer will tell you that they are the black-sheep of Astrology, and actually cause more harm than benefit to the subject. The ONLY way to explore Astrology and validate its veracity is by raising your Astral Chart. You can do that on your own using some of the many Internet websites dedicated to Astrology. I personally recommend AstroTheme and/or Astro-Seek. If you enter your details in any of those websites, you should come up with a map of how the sky was at the moment and place of your birth, something similar to this diagram below, also called "Radix" in Spanish Astrology:

 Radix representation in Is Astrology real? Can it predict my future?Credit: The radix in this example is the moment of birth of the signer Taylor Swift, which music I love a lot:


The above "radix" represents how the sky was arranged at the time of someone's birth. The line AC to West is always fixed horizontality in every radix, and it represents the line of the horizon, with the constellation of Scorpio rising on the East in this example. The constellation that rises on the horizon by the East at the moment of birth is called the "Ascendant", a significant point in Astrology that symbolises the life of the individual, its core personality and the starting point from where the karmic life of the individual and its decisions will unfold into life. The person could be visualised as being in the centre of the circle. In this example, we see that the Sun is about to rise over the horizon too, meaning that this person was born at sunrise (at 05:17 AM to be precise). An Astronomer normally would use programs like Stellarium to determine the sky arrangement at any given time prior astronomical observations, but a radix in Astrology is exactly the same thing: a tool to observe the sky, hence why both subjects (Astronomy and Astrology) were merged together in ancient history. If we placed a telescope at the centre of the circle, where the "YOU" resides, we could have seen towards the East the planet Mars rising over the horizon, where the clarity of the day was increasing rapidly with the Sun just behind Mars and about to rise in 1 hour and 45 minutes (15 degrees of the zodiac represent an hour, so if the Ascendant is in 25 degrees of Scorpio, as on this radix example, and the Sun is at 21 degrees of Sagittarius, it will take the Sun 27 degrees of sky-space (6 remaining of Scorpio plus the 21 of Sagittarius) to reach the exact point of the horizon, and 27 degrees is approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes). If we turn our telescope to the West and rise it about 40 degrees, we could have seen the Moon in all of its glory, it was on the phase of Full Moon given the fact that it is opposite the Sun. People born with Full Moon tend to be very intense individuals, full of an energy and a dynamism that can exhaust others. If you want to find out the phase of the Moon at your time of birth, I recommend you to use Calendar-12: Our telescope would also have seen Jupiter, very faintly though due to its proximity to the Moon and the brightness still high of a Full Moon. Below the horizon, unseen to the eye, the rest of the solar system bodies accumulate, with Venus being the planet at the very bottom of the sky configuration at that moment in time

How Astrology works is that the separation of degrees in between the planets and the luminaries (luminaries in Astrology are the name given to the Sun and the Moon) together with their position in relation to the constellations and areas of the sky, determine the 'karmic energy' that the individual is born with, and it is up to the individual to take that 'karmic energy' and express it into the Universe. Astrology is not deterministic, there is not a fate destiny that either obscure or brighten your life depending on your moment of birth and to which you can do nothing about it. Believe it or not, we are responsible of our own lives and there is always "Libre Albedrio", Free Will, that the individual have to put into place. Choices and choices. Astrology only gives a guidance about the sort of 'karmic energy' that is at your disposal, then it is up to you to make decisions. An analogy that I often use to explain this concept of influence is the "Paint the picture of your Life". Just imagine that you have been given a white canvas, and you ought to paint on it a picture. However, you were born with only a certain number of colours, some of which you have plenty at your disposal but for others the amount is reduce. People born with a strong Mars will have lots of red to add to the picture, those who are optimistic (a well aspected radix) will have plenty of blue and yellow to add to the picture but little brown, given the fact that optimism often loses touch with reality. The picture that you come out with will be the history of your life painted out of the colours from the 'karmic energy' you were born with, energy and specific colours that were present at the moment and place of your birth and were absorbed by your soul and given to you. This is essentially what Astrology is: a seek and understanding of this karmic energy

And what the hell is that 'karmic energy' anyway? We all know, or suppose to know from school, that energy is the property of an object when it is transferred into another object or system. There can't possibly be a 'karmic energy' from whichever realm you want to invent it (previous lives, other dimensions, planets influence, etc) that can be transferred to objects in this live, right? According to Astrology, we make decisions based on the planets influence (which I believe is the karmic energy), and based on those decisions our destiny unfolds

So.... how come some people are born and sadly die within a few months, or have a sudden death at a young age? What "decision", if any, has a child taken who is born with a disease that shorten his life sooner than expected? And how about, for example, all the people that died in September the 11th? Was that a coincidence? Did all the Astral Charts of the over 3,000 people that die in September 11th presented the same configuration that day, that all of them will die? Were they all making the same 'karmic' decision? How can Astrology explain those incidents when people make absolutely no tangible choices whatsoever, and yet the finger of fate kicks them out of this world? Obviously there is not a clear explanation that could satisfy a critical mind, but let's explore in more detail the obvious arguments that are against and the reason why many people strongly believe in Astrology, let's see if by isolating each one of those concerns we reach a conclusion


1.- Arguments against Astrology

In this section we'll analyse the arguments that are against Astrology, and when I use the word "against" I don't to you to interpret it as a confrontation, but rather as a critical approaching with the aim of testing if there is any true in the subject of Astrology as a whole

What force drives the planets influence? This is the most obvious question and it has to be the first one to address in this article: if Astrology has any portion of true, what force or forces are those that cause that I get happy every time I meet someone who was born with the Moon in Cancer? Gravity? What nonsense is this? For example, if in an Astral Chart the individual happens to be born with the planet (sorry, dwarf-planet now, according to Science) Pluto in conjunction with the Ascendant, any Astrologer will tell you that the person has a very powerful personality, with inclination for dark aspects of life and tendency to obsessiveness, but no Astrologer will ever tell you "how" that happens... how can Pluto, which as mentioned before Astronomers don't even consider it to be a planet, located more than 5 billion kilometres away from us and with such a high declination in its orbit, could have any influence at all in whatever events happen in planet Earth? And not only that, how could that speck in space, not visible to the naked eye, discovered in the 1930s, have any influence at all in the traits of personality of an individual born with Pluto in conjunction to a rising constellation?

Things like that cannot be explained, right? Therefore, I conclude, Astrology is total bullshit. Turn off the lights and let's go

But I'm here to find out what Astrology really is. Is Astrology real? Is there any truth in it at all? When the probe New Horizons flew by Pluto back in July 2015, all the scientific community was shocked. Had any pictures of the surface of Pluto being available before the flyby of New Horizons, and had any of those pictures being shown to Astronomers, they would have laugh at you, saying this is total bullshit. Turn off the lights and go away, please, they would have told you. Nobody had any clue Pluto was actually like that, with a smooth surface that shows no craters whatsoever meaning the planet is active or at the very least it has some kind of mechanism able to wipe out craters from its surface, possibly with a liquid ocean underneath the crust of ice. Nobody can explain why Pluto is not a meaningless pile of rock as they were expecting. What is driving the internal energy of Pluto, so far away from the Sun or any object capable of creating internal friction like Jupiter does on its Moon Io? How is it possible that a body so small, recently demoted to "draft-planet", still seems to be alive, erasing its craters and leaving behind a wonderful shaped-heart feature for us to wonder? Mars, five times the size of Pluto, is pretty much geologically dead and no longer able to recycle its crust, where ancient craters can still be seen. Pluto, somehow, has been able to reprocess part of its surface, using what force?

It is interesting to note that in Astrology both Mars and Pluto are planets of war and violence, with Pluto being the high octave of Mars, and it just so happen that both of them have a reddish colour as if they had been subjected to the same chemical process during their formation

 Mars and Pluton compared, they rule similar signs in Astrology

  CreditMars and Pluto, compared

Obviously, Science does not know everything as this case of Pluto demonstrates, which is actually one of the beauty of Science: its capacity of going back to the drawing board and re-invent itself. Now Astronomers need to re-analyse their ideas about distant bodies like Pluto and ensure that their assumptions and theories matches the reality of their observations. This is how Science has helped the human race to progress, as simple as that. A real scientist would not actually hate Astrology or anything like that, in the same way that it will not hate God, any religion, deities or believes that have not been proved or demonstrated. What a real scientist would hate is the claim that Astrology is true or that God exist. Those statements have not been proven. There are no evidences of the existence of God, no matter how much you pray or how much you want to believe in it. There are also no measurable evidences of the 'energy' of Love, the existence of the soul and we are yet to discover what feelings truly are, in Science biological terms. So, could it be that? That Science has not discovered yet the force behind the planets influence? That is, assuming of course that there is a planet's influence in the first place. We should be mindful not to use the famous sentence of Carl Sagan: "absence of evidence does not mean evidence of absence" in the twisted, fallacy way from either side, invoking the argument from ignorance and saying something like "oh, because that force has not been discovered or disproved it means that it may exist", as well as saying "aha, there is no influence at all, and that's why the force have not been discovered and never will"

My experience tells me that the planets do have some kind of influence indeed, as I will try to demonstrate in this article, but is definitely not gravity. In fact, one of the hints of what that strange, elusive or totally mind-deluded force of Astrology is, lies in the way the interpretation of retrograde planets is carried out in Astrology. When a planet enters in retrograde motion it is seen as "going backwards" from planet Earth, even though the planet's orbit speed remains the same. The analogy to this well-know effect is found in two trains running parallels to one another, but with train A being slightly faster than train B. One passenger on train A will see another passenger on train B as going backwards, but that is only an optical effect from the point of view of passenger A. The same thing happens in planet Earth when we see for example planet Mars going in retrograde. Mars has not changed its mass or gravitational pull, but being in a retrograde state during someone's birth has a totally different interpretation as to when Mars is on direct motion, meaning that a clue in the hypothetical influential force of Astrology is based in the motion of the planets, as if they were cutting through vibrational waves or making 'music' with their orbits. Could it be that? That we all have a peculiar 'resonance', 'tune' or 'signature' inside us that matches that of the planet, and that is receptive to the planet's motion, hence when the planet motion changes our internal 'resonance' get altered to? How is it possible that Science has not detected such force yet? Oh yes, of course....that force has not been detected yet because it doesn't exist, right?

Another interesting things to mention are the attributes of water, that have been proven to carry electromagnetic signals of DNA, as if the water had memory, and molecules of water are present in absolutely everything that is around you, including the sun's hotspots, believe or not. Could the water somehow carry the forces of the planets that were present during our birth? In Astrology, mathematical points like the North Node, the Vertex or the Part of Fortune are important, and those are only points in space, being their position determine only from our perspective from planet Earth in relation to other objects in the sky. If it is already hard to believe that planets that we don't even see with the naked eye can affect us, how do we explain that mere points in space, with no matter or detectable energy at all in them, can also affect us?

There is no proof at all that any force caused an influence of the planets in our lives, yet the 'coincidences' of planets versus events is above average, so there is something there worth investigating in detail. At the moment it is just a matter of believing, and advocates of Astrology will argue that the influences are indeed real, while sceptics naturally will position themselves on the higher IQ range of the cerebral cortex, and label those advocates as stupid. Personally, I still stick to the great thought of Isaac Asimov formulated on his 1956 The Last Question novel: "There is as yet insufficient data for a meaningful answer"


The Zodiac Constellations are 13, and not 12; I remember very well when I first saw in the News, back on the late 1990s, the appearance of a "new" constellation called Ophiuchus that make the number of constellations in the zodiac 13 and not 12, hence completely debunking what astrologers have based their predictions (the zodiac) for millennia...not entirely. Astrologers have been using something called "decans" for millennia too, where they further subdivide the 30 degrees of a constellation in 3 sections of 10 degrees each, called the 1st Decan, the 2nd Decan and the 3rd Decan for every single sign of the Zodiac. Therefore, proper Astrologers have been working with 36 different sections of the sky instead of 12 as commonly thought. Ophiuchus falls in the 1st Decan of Sagittarius, and it is indeed true that the elliptic crosses that constellation since the dawn of our current civilisation, and ancient Astrology knew about it, hence the different interpretation for this Decan, just like all the other 35 Decans, each one of them have a unique 'signature' that do not correspond to their parent Zodiac sign. Ophiuchus as a constellation was already recorded by Ptolemy in the 2nd century, a well-known Astronomer and Astrologer of Antiquity. His book "Tetrabiblos" has been a reference of Astrologers for centuries, just like his other book "Almagest" was for Astronomers until the arrival of Nicolaus Copernicus


A comparison of the Astrological and Astronomical Mpas of our Zodiac

Credit: Astrologers are Liars


But let's not justify the arrival of this "new" constellation (one of the stars in Ophiuchus, Gliese 1214, at 47 light years away, has an age of about 3 billion years, so it is not new at all, and in fact that very same star contains an exoplanet which is 1.5 times bigger than our Earth, fascinating!) by saying that Astrology already knew about it. If that is so, why wasn't it represented in the 12 signs of the Zodiac? Let me start by clarifying that, according to Astrology, the interpretation of planets is very difference from that of the signs, if we take for example the analogy of a play in a theatre, you will be the starring role while the planets influence will act as the force in the script: you are to act and play the play based on the script which have dialogues and narratives based on the influence on the planets that you were born with, it is up to you to add "will power" and imagination to deviate, enhance or even suppress completely the forces in those dialogues in the script by the inner force of your acting. And what about the 'influence' of the star signs? If all this bullshit of astro-influence has any ground of reality, where does the influence of the stars signs manifest in the theatre analogy? Well, it just so happens that the influence of the constellations is always passive, they only provide the background, so following the analogy of a play in a theatre, when you are the actor/actress and the planets force dictates the script (thou you have the freedom to interpret it as you like!), the scenario would be the influence of the signs. For example, for a person with lots of Aries, the scenario of his/her life would be violence and dynamic, for a Piscis the background of the stage would be covered in mist, with blue colours and somehow confusing

The point I'm trying to make is that, through the ages, the background of influence changes as the constellations obviously also changes causing the Parallax Effect (the apparent movement of an object when viewed from a different position). The appearance now of Ophiuchus, seen as a new constellation, is nothing but a change in the psyche of the human race, a new background of influence to be added and interpreted in the next centuries to come. If Astrology is to be true, or has some kind of true, this influence of the planets has to be there now and also in the past. In the time of the Dinosaurs the constellations were completely different and hence 'societies' and patterns of behaviour were utterly different from ours. Now, in the current epoch of the human race and with the current constellation configuration, the 'energy bath' in the background stage of our lives is completely unique and different from that of the Dinosaurs epoch. Have you even wondered why intelligence took so long to evolve? Claws and teeth have been part of evolution for most animals since the dawn of time, as it clearly provide great advantages for both hunting prey and defending. If intelligence, as it is proven by the fact that our race dominates the planet, is such a great advantage over both your prey and predators, why did the evolution took so long to evolve it? Were there no animals having the evolutionary advantage of intelligence during the 300 million years of the Dinosaurs reign? Why did it evolve only during the 6 million years of the hominid reign? Could it be that the constellations back then were not providing the necessary 'background energy' for cells to intelligently evolve and obtain self-awareness? Ophiuchus, seen as a 'new' constellation, is opening the door to a new background of consciousness that is being awaken in the human race

Yes, the arrival of a new 13th constellation sends to the shredder all the horoscopes in the magazines, but for Astrologers.... the game is still on

 Decans in Astrology

Credit: Zodiac Decans


Assuming Astrology is real, why two twins have different life paths? There are cases of twins born at exactly the same place and time (obviously, that's why there are twins lol), and therefore according to Astrology their characters and destiny should be exactly the same, why sometimes it is not? On the other hand, there are also a number of born twins who do share the same characters and extremely similar life destinies, with both of them marrying at the same time, same number of kids, having the same job profile, etc. Both situations have been used by both Astrology followers as well as critics of the field to add weight to the truth in Astrology or to debunk the believers. The fact is that, not matter what sort of twins they are, whether they had been fertilised from the same egg and sperm cell (identical twins, meaning they look exactly the same and always have the same gender) or whether they came from different eggs and different sperm cells that were fertilised at the same time (fraternal twins, meaning they look very similar, but not exactly the same), none of them were born at the same time. One must have come out from the mother first than the other, therefore the precise moment at which the first inhale comes into the body, when the 'karmic soul' draws into the individual the energy of the Cosmos of that moment, were different and the energy that each one of the twins emits and receive as an individual are obviously different. Yet, even though in Astrology a 4 minutes variation in the time of birth equals a degree of space, most Astrologers would be more than happy to have the time of birth of the individual within one hour of precision. If you tell an Astrologer that you were born within 3pm and 5pm, he/she will just choose 4pm and will raise and interpret your Astral Chart according to that time. So, how is it possible that twins, who are born well within the expected range of prediction of Astrology, turn out to have very different destinies in some occasions? They have the same root, but twins indeed always end up taken different path in life. Isn't Astrology bullshit if their destinies are not the same?

Twin trees develop different branches

I'm not a scientist, as you probably have guessed by now given the fact that I'm writing an article about Astrology, but neither am I a believer of any doctrines that are put in front of me on flashy colour plates to digest. I am an analytical person, and I need to analyse things. For me, maybe because Capricorn is on the 3rd house in my Astral Chart, it takes a lot of effort to believe in something. I had had my ups and downs as an Astrologer when I was doing this professionally very early in my life, sometimes finding strong proves that the methodology of Astrology works and other finding total nonsense, frustration and ultimately time wasting, but overall I insist that there is something there. The planets, stars and all objects of the galaxy and beyond are so far away and move so quickly, that just one millisecond of variation causes a totally different energy to be present at any given time. Could it be that the soul enters the body from 'outside the Universe', and as it fills the person it gets impregnated by the energy around the Cosmos at that precise moment? If one person was born at the exact time that a supernova is created or a black hole devours a star, will that person has a dramatic destiny on our planet, just like John Lennon or Hitler did, one emitting light and the other one destroying it?

If I have to take a critical approach about the twins phenomena, explaining the interesting observations that I have encountered while doing Astral Charts to twins, and come out with an hypothesis that explains why two twins born at the same time have different life paths, I would say, if Astrology is true, that in order to explain the twins phenomena we need to acknowledge the existence of what I call Karmic Energy Condensation (KEC) Yes, this is my theory: an absolute abomination to Science. The existence of Karmic Energy Condensation can explain why two people born at the same time have different destinies, and here is why:

Why two twins born at the same time have different life paths? Very simple, they don't, their karmic lives path will remain the same. Let me elaborate on this new concept that I call 'Karmic Energy Condensation', where the energy of a planet or a planetary aspect represented in a Radix can be expressed in different ways through the live of an individual. One of the peculiarities of Astrology is that it is extremely specific. For example, any Astrologer will tell you that someone born with an opposition Venus versus Neptune indicates that the person may encounter disappointments and lies in their relationships, with tendency to infatuation and to idealise their love partner. The opposition aspect occurs when there is a separation of 180 degrees in the sky between two planets, and when Venus is opposite Neptune it basically indicates kind of bad luck for love affairs, due to deceits and an excessive dose of romanticism. That is a very specific interpretation for this aspect in Astrology, just like for any other aspect of Astrology, they are all very specific in their nature because the planets have indeed specific and concretes attributes, traits and areas of domain. Venus symbolises Love, and Neptune symbolises Idealism, so a confrontation of these two values (Love versus Idealism) leads to this very specific interpretation of Venus opposition Neptune, but there is an spectrum of situations where this energy can also be manifested, or like I sometimes like to put it..."condensated". Notice that in this example of Venus opposition Neptune, the energy of this aspect can only be expresses or "condensated" either in the character of the person, through his/her interior, or in the circumstances around the person, and this happens to every single aspect in Astrology. There is no doubt in Astrology that the energies of the aspects and configurations will be expressed at some point during the live of the individual, but how? Due to the Karmic Energy Condensation effect, we can think of a few different scenarios, all within the range of Love versus Idealism, where the energy of this particular example of Venus vs Neptune can be manifested:

  • Scenario 1: the person has constant disappointments in their love life, no matter how careful the person is, their partners seem to always be abusing or cheating on them. Due to the predisposition of his/her character, low self-esteem, etc, the person do not leave toxic relationships that ultimately lead to this situations
  • Scenario 2: the person has a extremely good talent for poetry and music, especially for singing, but they don't seems to succeed in the word of arts due to their acute shyness, lack of confidence and low self-esteem
  • Scenario 3: the person is extremely sensitive, petrified of disappointments and idealise all interactions, to the point of making them purely spiritual, and can become monks or nuns
  • Scenario 4: the person may have problems with their kidneys, with frequents intoxication due to the ingestion of liquids
  • Scenario 5: the person may die drowned at sea or on a lake, while on a pleasant vacation or holidays
  • Scenario 6: the person contract a sexually transmitted infection, and remains with that social stigma for the rest of his/her life

As you can see, the energy can be manifested by being condensated in the personality (like in Scenarios 1, 2 and 3) or by being a condensation from the environment around the person in the form of a circumstance (like in Scenarios 3, 4 and 5). It is interesting to note that both types of expression of the Karmic Energy Condensation, either in the character or as a circumstance, are reciprocal interchangeable, like the symbol of the infinite, the snake that eats itself, where an attribute of the character creates a circumstance and vice verse

Infinity Symbol, Astrology, you and your circumstances

All these different scenarios manifest the energy of a tense aspect between Venus and Neptune and their respective symbolism in Astrology. In Scenario 1 the energy is expressed through the emotions of the individual and into their relationships, while in Scenario 2 the energy is channelled via their creativity aspect. In Scenario 4 we find the body as the conduct area where that tense energy is being manifested, and in Scenario 5 is through a tragical accident totally unpredictable. All of these situations are expressions of the Venus opposition Neptune aspect that the person has when it was born, but which of these 6 scenarios will be manifested on his/her life? one of them, two or three, or all of them?

Before discussing these scenarios any further, it is paramount and absolutely necessary to state that for an Astrologer to do any kind of predictions there have to be at least two indications that support and corroborate that prediction. In other words, if an Astrologer is going to tell you that Scenario 1 or Scenario 5 applies to your life, there has to be another indicator in your Astral Chat that supports that prediction, something like for example a Moon in Piscis, making the person extremely sensitive and prone to draw the energy of Scenario 1 into their lives. Strangely enough, most of the time that happens, and for some reason there is always more than one strong indicator that 'predict' certain number of occurrences in the Astral Chart, as if indeed those indicators were 'meant-to-be' and come together in harmony to direct the karmic energy in an specific direction. Astrologers call this the "art of interpretation", and it is true that different Astrologers may give you different interpretations of the same Astral Chart depending of what they see or perceive as the strongest influence of the chart, that is why some Astrologers will ask you specific questions about your personal life before embarking in an interpretation of your Radix, with the prospects to determine which influences of the planets have already been manifested in your life and on which areas, aiming to ultimately provide you better, more accurate predictions

Coming back to the scenarios, which one of those 1 to 6 scenarios is most likely to occur in the life on an individual? And how is it possible that, in the case of the twins, one particular twin has Scenario 1 on his/her life while the other twin has Scenario 4? My explanation to this unbalance or discrepancy is due to the Karmic Energy Condensation effect: if one person cultivates Scenario 2 on their life, most likely Scenario 4 will not be presented because the energy of Venus - Neptune has already been manifested (condensated) on Scenario 1. Plainly speaking, what I'm trying to say is that if somebody has Venus opposition Neptune on their chart and they die by alcoholic intoxication, they would not have died like that if they were a poet or had began to learn to play a musical instrument, something to condensate the Karmic Energy of the opposition Venus versus Neptune. I know this sounds absolutely crazy and ridiculous, but I believe there is some true in it. Ultimately, the destiny is always in your hands, without your knowing it, if you (like on this example) learn to play a musical instrument and condensate the energy on Scenario 1, the changes of you being drawn at sea diminishes. This is radical, and there is no way to prove it

If you believe that my above statement about the very existence of the so-called Karmic Energy Condensation (KEC) is an astronomical bullshit, I invite you to examine the existence of Dark Matter, a concept that is widely accepted by Science, and yet which existence has not been proved, just like my beloved KEC. We can even draw two analogies between Gravity for Dark Matter and Astrology for Karmic Energy Condensation:

  • You believe in Gravity, because it explains how the galaxies move
  • One day you discover that galaxies move faster than they should, and gravity cannot explain that
  • But if we create the concept of Dark Matter, that will explain why galaxies move faster than they should
  • If Gravity is to be true, therefore Dark Matter must exist
  • You believe in Astrology, because it explains how each person's character and destiny is
  • One day you discover that two people born at the same time don't have the same character or destiny, and astrology cannot explain it
  • But if we create the concept of Karmic Energy Condensation, that will explain why twins have different characters and destinies
  • If Astrology is to be true, therefore Karmic Energy Condensation must exist


2.- Arguments in favour of Astrology

Practically none, with the exception of the need of the human mind to believe in something above and higher than themselves, that can rule and 'predict' their path of Free Will, as a means of self-assurance for the directions taken in life as well as a pressure relief for the mistakes made. "Oh, I'm like that because my Moon is in Aries", "Oh, that happened to me because my Mars squares Jupiter". These are common thoughts of Astrology believers to justify their behaviour, but are they are right? Do these comments have any truth in them, or are they simply expressions of a determine subconscious phycology pattern, that use the possibly influence of the planets as a way of detaching responsibility for one's actions? I'm here to find out the true, whatever it may be

The Investigations of Michel Gauquelin. One of the first person who tried to settle the question of whether is Astrology real or not was Michel Gauquelin, a mathematician and psychologist that approached the pseudo-science of Astrology in a scientific manner, collecting data from thousands of birth charts of individuals from different backgrounds, and researching whether the position of the planets at the time of birth had any influence at all in their individuals. Gauquelin was an Astrologer too, and he knew that the Horoscopes (which as I mentioned before only account for the position of the sun) were totally useless at the time of determine which planet has the biggest influence on the individual. A person born with the sun in Leo could actually be a Gemini if four of more planets fall in the constellation of Gemini, meaning the planet Mercury will have a great preponderance in the individual chart)  Michel Gauquelin published his results in a controversial book called "The influence of the Stars", in 1955, where he explains the so-called "Mars effect" which he discovered in people who had chosen to be athletes as a career, with Mars appears mostly in either Rising or in Culmination potions, proving that there is indeed a correlation between the position of Mars and the path that an individual take on his life, just as Astrology predicts Mars effect by Michel Gauquelin


Gauquelin also discovered this effect in artists, where Venus caused the "Venus effect" and in lawyers and judges, where Jupiter produced the "Jupiter effect", taking these planets a predominant position in the astral charts of individual who have chosen those career paths in their lives. His work was rejected by Science and being labelled as "pure chance". In recent times, similar researches as those ones carried out by Michel Gauquelin have been done by scientists for the scientific community, but all of them rejected by Science because they just could not prove 'what' causes that effect. Nevertheless, the effect 'is' there. Some of the most significant scientific approaches to Astrology have been:

Where all those research and studies bias? Like professor Geoffrey A. Dean mentions on one of his articles in "Astrology stops working when cognitive artifacts such as confirmation bias are controlled" Am I also subjected to confirmation bias too, looking for information to corroborate what I believe? I am looking for the true, whatever it is, and it seems that in spite of all the tests that Astrology has been subjected to, where its veracity has been thoroughly debunked, that planets do have an influence on us, somehow, but we have no idea what is the route cause of this hypothetical influence and that is extremely frustrating for any critical thinking mind. As another annoying analogy I can mention that Love exist, right? but is there any scientific methodology that proves its existence, or are we just a bunch of random chemical compounds that react to any human being that approaches us? The acknowledgment that planets have an influence on our behaviour makes us look like fools, and without a tangible proof of this effect we are not better than the superstitious minds of previous generations, and we should do better. With the help of science and the systematic approach of its methods, we should definitely do better


The case studies. In addition to the above research done over anonymous Astral Charts in order to gather statistics and determine specific patters, there have been case studies performed in individuals that show a staggering correlation between the movements and positions of the planets and events that happened in the individuals lives. One of the most famous of these cases is the similarities between King George III and the peasant Samuel Hemming, both of them were born the same day, 4 June 1738, the married the same day, when they both were aged 23 years ago, they had the same number of kids and of the same gender and even their wives were called the same (Margaret). Furthermore, and as if the same cosmic energies were affecting both of them, the day that King George III was hit by a horse, Samuel Hemming was hit by a donkey; the very day King George III ascended to the throne, Samuel opened his ironmonger business. When George III had financial problems, Samuel Hemming declare himself in bankruptcy, and finally, both of them died in the same day of 29 January 1820, aged 82. Could these remarkable similarities happens just by chance? Considering that Astrology has not been proven, can we just ignore these similarities and say that his is all pure random, nothing worth investigating? Is it this how, in our scientifically branded minded, we should approach these strange coincidences?

Here there are some other interesting case studies that makes you wonder whether if there could be something else behind the shinning of the stars, after all... we are all made of Cosmos elements

  • These 3 well-known and admirable actresses were all born within days on one another, so they same similar astrological configurations like Venus in Virgo and a conjunction Mercury-Jupiter. Sofia Loren born in Rome 20 September 1934, Ornella Vanoni born in Milan 22 September 1934 and Brigitte Bardot born in Paris 28 September 1934
  • Albert Einstein (Physics) and Otto Hahn (Chemistry) were both born on 14 March 1897, though some sources mention Otto was actually born 8 March 1879, and died in different years. The only coincidence to be honest is that they both won Nobel prizes, but it is interesting to note that, born within days on one another, they both the same passion for Science
  • The two tenors, Beniamino Gigli (Italy) and Lauritz Melchior (Denmark) were born on March 20, 1890, and lived similar lives: they both debuted in music when were 23 years old (first Jupiter transit) and reached international fame in 1921. However, they both died on different years, Beniamino aged 67 (1957) and Lauritz aged 83 (1973), funny enough their deaths are separated by 16 years, the time it takes Saturn to make an opposition to any celestial object, between 14 to 16 if retrograde motions are included   
  • James Stephens and James Joyce, both great Irish writers, were born on 2 February 1882, at 6 a.m. in Dublin, thou some sources mention James Stephens to be born two years earlier on 9 February 1880. In any case, they both died at different years, Joyce in 1941 (age 59) and Stephens in 1950 (age 68/70)

Galactic Centre Astrology - Is Astrology real? Can it predict my future?

  • Another famous case was that of the King Humberto I of Italy (14 March 1844). When he was 56 years old, the 28 July 1900, he was enjoying a meal in a Monza restaurant with some friends, when he was introduced to the owner of the restaurant who physically looked exactly like him, a doppelganger. It turns out that the proprietary of the restaurant was also called Umberto and had been born also in Turin, in the same day the king had been born. Both Umbertos had married on the same day, strangely enough both to women named Margherita, both had a son called Vittorio, and both had been given commendations for their heroism in the military twice (in 1866 and 1870). Furthermore, in exactly the same day king Umberto I was been crowned, the other Umberto, the peasant, had opened his restaurant, just like in the case described above of King George III and Samuel Hemming. King Umberto I was very impresses to have found all of the sudden an apparent twin brother, and invited him to attend an athletics shooting contest next day, to which the owner of the restaurant humbly accepted, but "destiny" had other plans for both of them. The following day, on his way to the contest, the king was inform that his 'twin' had died accidentally while cleaning his own gun, shooting himself in the head. King Umberto I was so sad that he decided to deviate his path and visit the house of Umberto the peasant to pay his condolences to his family. On his way to the house, He was shot four times by an anarchist, who hit him on this heart and lung, and King Umberto died one hour later
  • The two prominent Nazis, Hermann Goring (Hitler’s lieutenant) and Alfred Rosenberg (Adolf Hitler’s collaborator), were born on the same date (January 12, 1893), undertook similar missions in their lives, and died in the same prison, one day apart
  • Some people have the exact date of birth, although one or two years apart, such as Vincent Price (American film actor) and Peter Cushing (British film actor), who surprisingly had parallel careers
  • Park ranger Roy Cleveland Sullivan was hit by lightning seven times: in 1942, 1969, 1970, 1972, 1973, 1974 and 1977. He was born 7 February 1912 and died 28 September 1983. Notice he was born Aquarius, sign ruled by planet Uranus, lord of thunder and electricity, so I suspect Roy Cleveland "Karmic Energy Condensation" was very sensitive to the position of Uranus in relation to his birth chart


Can it predict my future?

Astrology can indeed be divided in two mayor components or sections, the first one that can be called "Static Astrology", which study and focus on interpreting in-situ the Astral Chart of an individual, nation or event or situation, and the other component called "Dynamic Astrology", where different methods of predicting the future are use

If you are perspicacious enough, you probably have noticed that the title I choose for this article "Is Astrology real? Can it predict my future?" is deceived....the title is composed of two questions where the second question 'assumes' that the first question is true. The question "Can it predict my future?" can only be formulated after the "Is Astrology real?" returns a Yes. I have done this on purpose. Though they are many questions as to whether Astrology is real or not, in my career as a professional Astrologer I've noticed to my surprise and shock of my natural scepticisms, again and again, that Astrology can indeed project a great amount of true into the future... somehow... it seems to work! There are many tools that Astrologers use to "foretell" the future, tools like Primary Directions, Solar or Moon revolution as well as Solar Arcs Directions, Secondary Directions and a long etcetera. Furthermore, in Astrology we also have a zoo of the so-called "Arabic Points", mathematical points in space that are only real on paper and have a diffuse mathematical meaning in Astronomy, but that Astrologers use for interpretation and to try to dig into future events, which is what the great majority of people that approach Astrology are interest in: what does the future got for me behind that door? To my experience, the most accurate method of predicting the future using Astrology is the Planetary Transits; that is the only tool that I use on my interpretations and the only one that has proven to me, again and again, that strangely enough there is something behind all of this Universe of Astrology that is worth investigating

Arthur C. Clarke quote about Astrology

I have to mention that, perhaps to cover their backs, and through the centuries, astrologers have developed all these methods of interpretations like Secondary Directions (also called Progressive Directions), Tertiary Directions, Symbolic Directions, etc, all in an attempt to predict the future, sometimes involving references to the Bible, as if that ancient book could add any weight to their predictions and could legitimate their findings; why not for example the Bhagavadgita? Oh right! Most of those astrologers throwing alternative methods of future predictions were Catholics and not Hindus. "Inventing" these other alternative methods of interpretations is very damaging to the Astrology itself, and to "predict" events, astrologers should only use Planetary Transits and perhaps Primary Directions too, else there is a risk that is this or that particular event is not reflected in either of those two methods of interpretations, we then invent and jump to other methods until we find our answer. For example, if one person dies and there is no relevant transit neither nothing on his/her primary directions for that year that reflect this dramatic event on his/her life, astrologers tend to refer to these other 'alternative' methods of interpretations until, inevitably, they find something that they like and justify the death of the person, it doesn't matter what it is as long as they can justify with that the event that has occurred. It could be something obscure like a symbolic direction of Sun square Saturn the ruler of house 8 who was in conjunction Venus the regent of house 1, or the solar revolution for that year where Sun falls in house 4, while the ruler of house 8 and is bad aspected in house 1... anything that justifies the passing of a person... Astrologers should do better, and my advise is to have a critical thinking, and stick to only Planetary Transits and Primary Directions, and if the event that we look for is not there, then we have to be honest and admit that Astrology is all but bullshit

Below, I describe what Planetary Transits and Primary Directions are, together with an intro to alternative methods like Secondary Directions. Do any of these methods can actually predict your future in Astrology? Let's find out.....


1.- Planetary Transits

Given my scientific nature (of course, I have Capricorn in House 3) I'm most attracted to this method because it contains an indisputable astronomical background, and therefore is the most "scientific" of any other astrological method for foretelling the future. Planetary transits occurs as the arrow of time moves, and the planets complete their orbits around the sun, making angles of 60 degrees, 90 degrees or 180 degrees to other objects around the sky in relation to the position that they had when you were born.

If you are interested in diving deeper in this and want to calculate your own planetary transits, I recommend you to have a look to this other article of mine:

Let's start by explaining roughly what planetary transits are. When you are born, you are "fix" or "filled" or "tattooed" or "branded" or "impregnated", whichever expression you like the most, with the "karmic energy" that was present at the moment and place of our birth, as mentioned before that moment is the most vulnerable time in your life. If you were born Leo with the Sun in, let's say, 20 degrees of Leo, you'll have that position (obviously) forever in our life. If during your birth you also had Saturn at 20 degrees of Scorpio, Astrologers will tell you that you were born with a Sun square Saturn, because the distance between these two objects is of 90 degrees.... at the moment of your birth, but objects do move in the sky. As we all know, the Sun takes 1 year to complete a cycle around the sky, while slow planets like Saturn take roughly 26 to 29 years to complete a spin around the zodiac, and every time the planet Saturn touches the sensitive angle that produce against the Sun, forming an angle of 120 degrees or the original 90 degrees you were born with, you and your life will feel it! These are the motions of the planets and the time it takes them to circle the zodiac:

  • Sun= it takes a year, and every time the sun returns to its position (your birthday) astrologer can create your "Solar Revolution", a prediction of how your incoming year will evolve. I wrote an article about solar revolution that you can read on this link:
  • Moon = 28 days, some Astrologers use your Moon Birthday to create a Moon Revolution, predicting how your month will evolve. It is interesting to know that every time the Moon passes in conjunction to your natal Moon, somehow you feel more emotional that day.... yeah.... that day of the month; furthermore, the Moon cycle can be perfectly linked to to the Emotional Biorhythms of 28 days:
  • Mercury = 88 days, this planets rules our communication, and it has an orbital resonance of 3:2 in relation to the sun, meaning that it rotates 3 times around itself (completing a Mercury day on each rotation) every 2 times that it rotates the Sun (completing a Mercury year on each rotation). The Intellectual Biorhythm is said to be 33 days, which means that each time the intellectual cycle starts, the position of Mercury is making a sesquisquare to the natal Mercury (88 orbit days / 33 days that the cycle last = 2.666 ratio, and then we take the zodiac of 360 degrees / 2.666 = 135 degrees), okay, that is a minor aspect in Astrology, I take it, but there is a connection here
  • Venus =225 days, meaning that roughly every 7 months and a half (at the time Venus transit conjunction to natal Venus) you fell in love again, haha. Seriously now, the orbit of  Venus is also linked to the Emotional Biorhythms of 28 days: every time a new bio cycle of emotion starts (not only the Moon is in conjunction to the natal Moon) but Venus forms a  semi-square, another minor aspect, in Astrology of 45 degrees to the natal Venus. (225 days / 28 days cycle = a ratio of 8, and then we take the zodiac of 360 degrees / 8 = 45 degrees, meaning that every time an Emotional Biorhythms starts, Venus is in semi-square to natal Venus)
  • Mars =687 days, roughly 1 year, 10 months and 22 days. We have to be honest and confess that, for Mars, there is no link in between the physical biorhythm cycle of 23 days and its orbit, when I did the calculation of 687 / 23 = a ratio of 29.8, which then divided by the zodiac of 360 degrees gives a result of exactly 12 degrees, which is pretty meaningless, there are no aspect that relates to a position of 12 degrees. Nevertheless, it is still very "peculiar" that a start of the physical bio cycle coincide with exactly a measurement of 12 degrees separation between Mars in the sky and the position of the natal Mars
  • Jupiter = 11.8 to 12 years
    • 60 degrees, sextil, first one happens at 2 years old
    • 90 degrees, square, first one happens at 3 years old
    • 120 degrees, trine, first one happens at 4 years old
    • 180 degrees, opposition, first one happens at 6 years old
  • Saturn = 27 to 30 years, but for simplicity let's use the average of 29 years
    • 60 degrees, sextil, first one happens at 4.8 years old
    • 90 degrees, square, first one happens at 7.25 years old
    • 120 degrees, trine, first one happens at 9.6 years old
    • 180 degrees, opposition, first one happens at 14.5 years old
  • Uranus = 84 years
    • 60 degrees, sextil, first one happens at 14 years old
    • 90 degrees, square, first one happens at 21 years old
    • 120 degrees, trine, first one happens at 28 years old
    • 180 degrees, opposition, first one happens at 42 years old
  • Neptune = 165 years
    • 60 degrees, sextil, first one happens at 27,5 years old
    • 90 degrees, square, first one happens at 41.25 years old
    • 120 degrees, trine, first one happens at 55 years old
    • 180 degrees, opposition, first one happens at 82,5 years old
  • Pluto =248 years
    • 60 degrees, sextil, first one happens at 41.3 years old
    • 90 degrees, square, first one happens at 62 years old
    • 120 degrees, trine, first one happens at 82.6 years old
    • 180 degrees, opposition, first one happens at 124 years old

At this stage, we should differentiate between the transit of rapid planets (Mercury, Venus and Mars, and this category also includes the 'luminarias', Sun and Moon) and those of slow planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and of course the good old Pluto). According to Astrology, the transit of rapid planets affect us briefly and for time measure in days or weeks, while the slow planets have a more depth influence and highlight more important and decisive moments in our life, given the fact that their transit last months and years, and sometimes, when the planets enter in retrograde motion, they pass around the same sensitive point again and again over periods of months, causing a deja-vu of events and situations. Each planetary transit affects each person in an specific way, but it also happens that they are transit that are common to all of us, like for example the planet Saturn making its first square to itself when we are age of 7 (our first glance of true reality), and its first opposition to its original position at the age of 14 (our first glance of responsibilities and the door to adulthood). When we study in deep detail the composition of planetary transits, we realised that all the planets in the solar system and their corresponding orbits are place to specifically match how we evolve through our life. Isn't it that strange? It looks like as if the planets have been positioned to follow a specific staircase of our soul evolution, matching specific moments in our psychology that are also reflected in many cultures. Let's investigate this further by throwing some ages that match specific movement and returns of one or more slow planets:

  • 7 years old = the first square of Saturn, meaning the first contact with reality, and when we experience our limits and restrictions, as well as first responsibilities. We also experience at this age the first sextile of Jupiter, meaning that we get support from wise and authoritative individuals. In the Ancient Roman Empire, children were separated from their families at age 7 to start the education, the same happened to children age 7 in Ancient Egypt, of course, only to those who were healthy enough to receive an education. The same age and purpose applies to Ancient China, Ancient Greek cultures and even Ancient India. Where all these cultures aware of the 7 years cycle of Saturn, and choosing this age to separate their children from their families in purpose? And biologically speaking, isn't it a "coincidence" that it is at the age of 7 years old when cognitive thinking and reasoning starts? Are we "coded" to accept knowledge on our brain at this optimal age?
  • 12 years old = first return of Jupiter, when the expansion and growth starts, and it is at this age when menstruation for girls starts and boys have their first ejaculations. the appreciation for freedom and the abstract thoughts. In African and Caribbean cultures the age of 12 is considered very important and emancipation rituals are done on the child at this time
  • 14 years old = first opposition of Saturn and first sextil of Uranus, indicating a difficult time with solitude and perhaps physical problems like assimilation of calcium; the sextil of Uranus make us question our identify and to thrive on independence while the hard aspect of Saturn pin us to the ground and ask us to be mature and take on board more responsibilities. This complicated period in life is called Adolescence, and yeah, we all who have passed this period know it is hard. Don't you think it is a strange 'coincidence' that the first major opposition of Saturn occurs around this time?
  • 21 years old = second square of Saturn and first square of Uranus, together with another square of Jupiter marks the need during this age of rebel and breaking with old patterns
  • 24 years old = first return of Jupiter and a sextil of Saturn, meaning expansion and growth with a sense of maturity, which most likely translate into marriage
  • 27/28 years old =first trine of Uranus and first sextile of Neptune, together with the first return of Saturn and a trine of Jupiter, this is an important moment in life where we built our edifications and structures for the next 28/29 years
  • 33 years old = this is called the age of the Sun, when the Sun returns to exactly the same position in time and space it had at the moment of your birth. The 33 years old is a year of transformation and intimate connection with ourselves
  • 42 years old = the mid-life crisis is well defined by a tripe opposition of Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus, all happening at the same time, to which we need to add the first square of Neptune; this crisis is normally manifested as an existential type and a need of re-adjustment and ripping what we saw in the past
  • 63 years old = at this time we received a square of Uranus, Saturn and Jupiter, inviting us to yet again re-evaluate our existence
  • 84 years old = the return of Uranus happens at this time, indicating a rebirth somehow, which is accentuated by the third return of Saturn and the seventh of Jupiter

Of course, the above general transit could be different depending on the person and the position of the individual planets and objects in the Astral Chart... but not much different: we all will experience for example the transit of Uranus opposition itself at age 42, some people maybe strongly affected by it while others not so much, but indeed all of us will feel that transit when reaching that age, just like all of the other general transits. In this table I've listed the "ages of men" in astrological terms roughly indicating when the aspects of the slow planets will happens, but in particular for Uranus, Neptune and Pluto the ages are only an approximation because their aspects will be different (a couple of years up or down) depending on your generation and in which year you were born

Planetary transits in Astrology for ages 0 to 34 Planetary transits in Astrology for ages 35 to 68 Planetary transits in Astrology for ages 69 to 100

Your own life may well relate to some of the transits above, indeed all human will experience them when approaching the relevant ages. One thing, however, we will never experience are transit or aspects like for example Moon in retrograde (in Astronomy, the Moon cannot go backwards), Venus in opposition to Sun (Venus is never more than 48 degrees separate from the Sun) or Mercury in trine to Sun. These aspects are not physically possible from our perspective on planet Earth, meaning that no one born in our planet will ever experience these aspects, in other words, are phycology and even our physiology and biology is not ready and stand these aspects, they are completely anti-natural.... for now.... it quite possibly be that in the future people are born in the Moon or other planets, those infants phycology will be completely different from that of those born in planet Earth, how exactly different will they be? what astral chart a person born in Mars with Sun opposition Mercury will have?

meaning that are emotions are perhaps on hold, and aspect that cannot happen in Astronomy (the Moon

I have named The Heartbeat Vibration Sequence (HBVS)  [to be completed]

We are mostly made of Hydrogen, and if we consider that 60% of our body is water (H2O), that means that we have more Hydrogen than anything else on our body

t nothing... but my mass is Oxygen the most element we are made of. Also the environment around us is based of Oxygen


2.- Primary Directions

The well-know French Astrologer Henri J. Gouchon (whose book "Diccionario Astrologico" had a massive influence in my earlier career as an Astrologer) was an absolute fan and advocated of the Primary Directions, a method of interpretation that exceed the absurdity to the eyes of a scientific person. If it is already extremely hard to believe that the position of the planets, far away in the firmament at the moment of your birth, have any influence on your behaviour, it is bizarre and excruciatingly hard to believe that the position of those planets, let's say 2 hours after your birth, have an specific influence on your behaviour when you are 45 years old. This is absolutely insane, and yet primary directions is an antique, well-proven and widely use method of interpretation by astrologers

Primary Directions [4 minutes = 1 degree = 1 year of life]; 4 minutes of time equal one degree of arc space in the firmament, and this one degree represents one year of your life in Primary Directions. This means that to see how your life will be when you are 45 years old, you move all the objects in the chart 11.25 degrees forward (45 years divided by 4 minutes equals 11.25 degrees of arc), or in other words, you raise the chart of the infant 180 minutes after his/her birth (45 years multiplied by 4 minutes equal 180 minutes after your birth). to be precise with primary directions you need to know the exact time of birth of the individual, specially when you consider that in reality these 4 minutes = 1 year is 3.94 minutes, meaning that one degree is something between 1.01177 and 1.0146

Secondary Directions [1 day after birth = 1 year of life];


Most Astrologers use both methods that I suggest to use in conjunctions, for example, if you are 45 years old and would like to know what the stars have for you for that particular year on your life, Astrologer should look at your Planetary Transits, your Primary Directions for that year as well as your Solar Revolution for your 45th birthday. I've always found and the combination of these 3 methods and mutually inclusive, and they never contradict one another... , all the opposite! If one event or pattern of behaviour is reflected in a transit, somehow it also appear in the primary directions and in the solar revolution, behaving the whole picture as if Astrology could really predict your future, but then How is that possible? strange....

In summary, can Astrology predict your future? It can't, but it can tell you with a high degree of precision where your 'karmic energy' will go during certain amount of time, and how you express that energy in this Universe, by traits in your character or condensation of events


And finally, I strongly recommend you to watch this video from Professor Dave: And let me share with you the reason why I believe in Astrology: it is fun! :)

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